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SoA 2012 - Larysa (Fabok) Firehawk

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About the Artist

I started drawing when I could hold a pencil.

And I liked drawing and painting until I failed art in high school. After that, I didn't think I was any good. In 1988, I studied geology, and we had to draw rocks, thin sections and hand specimens. That was when I started to actually develop technique with scientific drawing. By the way, I loved drawing what I saw in thin section through a petroscope.

After that I noticed that people started to ask me if I was an artist.

In 2000, I actually went to art school, and did 2 subjects. I did digital multimedia and oil painting. I was very productive, and enjoyed myself very much. I still have some friends from then, and I finished a lot of the art that is here tonight during that time.

I finished a short film in 2006 called Breathe. It is on Youtube. It is a fantasy of Antarctica with the Aurora Australis, dancing trees, and breathing icebergs. It screened in 2006 at the Queensland Short Film Festival, and it was a wonderful feeling to see it up on a big screen.

It's screening again shortly in Buenos Airies, in September, for the Arts and Antarctica Conference. Since then, I've been dabbling in a lot of different media.

Most recently, I have developed my pastel technique because they won't freeze when I go out onto the ice to paint icebergs, and the northern lights.



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