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Anniversary: 4 years Metropolis Grid

In April 2008, the grid Metropolis Metaverse was set online for the very first time. A few months later the Wiki and the Forum followed. Over the years, the Metro team worked successfully for the dissemination of the Open Simulator Technology and could also assist in the improvement of certain functions.

The Wiki, as well as the Forum, has become an indispensable source in the German-speaking Countries in terms of informations about Open Simulator. Here, the wiki as well as the forum is still being updated constantly and are adapted to new requirements and findings.

The first "spartanic" home page of the Metropolis-Grid in 2008
At the 4th anniversary of the Metropolis-Grid in 2012 the Metro Team (as well as the residents) decided to celebrate this anniversary with special activities, concerts and events.

The following anniversary projects provide an overview about the various activities during the Anniversary Year. In the short descriptions of projects you will find links to the project sites with further information.

IMAB - Integrid Metaverse Art Biennial 2012

The Art-Biennial IMAB 2012 (Inter Grid Metaverse Art Biennial) was initiated by the artist group C.A.R.P. and will be performed on several regions on different grids.

There are currently 4 participating grids in this art event: InWorldz, OSGrid, Second Life, and Metropolis. The Metropolis-Grid is sponsoring this event with a total of 6 regions. Planed are actions like Exhibitions and Performances of different kinds.

With this event, the artists of C.A.R.P. are celebrating the 100th Birthday of Nicolas Schöffer, the father of Cybernetic Art on the 06 September 2012.

Link to the Project Website

Summer Of Arts 2012

Summer of Art 2012 is another art event initiated by the Metropolis-Grid in the context of the 4-year celebrations. Theater projects, Exhibitions and live Performances will be presented from the 10th of August 2012 on to the public. Beneath the traditional methods of representation completely new forms like CrossOver Projects RL / VL will be staged.

The SOA-Events expand the activities surrounding the IMAB Biennial, where especially the projects of Metropolis-Residents will be promoted.

Herewith different kind of art will be promoted. Free Land will be available for virtual objects and Performances. More Informations about this topic can be found on the official project page.

Link to the Project Website

Ancient Worlds - Pompeii

With an initial pilot study in 2012, the project "Pompeii" was started. The initiator Pixel Prim has set itself the goal to virtually reconstruct the ancient city of Pompeii, and to introduce it to a wider audience.

The Reconstruction will be a highly accurate Replica (in detail) of the Original. As the first study the Villa dei Misteri is currently being reconstructed.

In the course of the project the contribution of a Scientific Advisory Board should be improve the authenticity of the Reconstructions.

Link to the Project Website

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