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The content of this website is constantly updated and expanded. Since this is a "living" website, the data may change in the meantime. A guarantee for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information provided can not be assumed.

Any liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly from use of this site are excluded, unless caused by intent or gross negligence. The same is true for all other websites referred to via hyperlink. The operator is not responsible of for the content of the websites accessed through such links .

Furthermore, the operator reserves the right to alter or amend informations given on the website.

Each Metropolis resedient is responsible for the content and the presentation of its respective regions. The operator of the Metropolis-Grid has no effect on their organization. If the operator gets the knowledge about facts, which suggests an illegal behavior or a breach of these terms and conditions, the operator can immediately banish this user from the grid and delete the avatar with all the inventory.


Every user of the Metropolis-Grid use the Grid-Services at his own risk. The Metropolis (and the underlying OpenSim software) is currently in beta status. This means that this software is not 100% error free. Therefore, it can lead to errors in data management, which can lead to total loss of the stored data.

Furthermore, Metropolis cannot guarantee, the thed stored assets are not used illegally by unauthorized third parties. This also applies to the unauthorized use from HyperJumper.

The Users of the Metropolis-Grid are aware of these risks and accept these risks with their registration.

Terms Of Service (TOS)

The Grid services at the Metropolis Grid are offered free of any charge.

With registration on this grid each resident declares that no illegal objects and/or textures will be offered on self-hosted regions or regions hosted by METROPOLIS. The use of so-called Copybot viewers is prohibited.

With registration on this grid each resident declares that he/she is an adult, so at least 18 years of age. The administration of this grid will not be responsible for wrong statements of the users and explicitely reserves to right to cancel services.

Texts that advocate or glorify violence and pornographic RL photos and images as textures or otherwise are not permitted on any region on this grid. Circulation and dissemination of links to relevant websites containing above content is forbidden.

In regions that are classified as "adult" and that show lawful adult content (within the meaning of the Second Life definition that is immediately apparent after landing on the region to unsuspecting visitors, an access list to manage visitors should be used in the region. It should be noted that at least one administrator has to be able to access that region. Regions that are classified as "adult" but do not show the designated content visibly can dispense with such an access list.

In case of doubt the administration will make a decision on a case by case basis under German law.

Furthermore it is forbidden to offer services for extra costs on regions, which are given by Metropolis for free as a Sponsorship or for Testing. Furthermore, it is not allowed to offer currency services, like payment or exchange, on such regions.

In this context it is expressly stated by the Metropolis-Grid, that the EU directive for the treatment of payment systems in virtual worlds will be extensively observed. This includes the integration of national supervisory authorities (Bank Supervision in D, A and CH).

Land rent by the people is generally permitted. The promotion of such offerings must be made in a moderate frame and should not bother other Citizens. Commercial landlords, who connect regions of their customers to the METROPOLIS-Grid, have to carry an imprint with charge-efficient address on their website. Otherwise, the connection of these regions to the METROPOLIS-Grid is strictly prohibited.

Suspected infringement (e.g. Copyright) by users of the grid services or by the grid operator must be reported to the grid administrator at immediately. This obligation applies to all registered users as well as Hypergrid users coming from another service who only uses the services of the Metropolis grid temporarily.

If a registered user or Hypergrid user fails to report infringement (e.g. Copyright) to the grid administrator, intentionally or by negligence, said user shall be expressly liable for any resulting damage and claims.

The Grid-Operator reserves the right to exclude or ban Citizens which violated these terms. In case of continued non-compliance the Grid-Operator will take further sanctions and legal action.

User Content

All objects and assets that a user has created in the context of using the Grid Services are the property of this user. The Grid Operator has no rights to those objects and assets.

Each user of the Metropolis-Grid is committed to protect the copyrights of others. He has the responsibility to ensure that no recognizable illegally copied objects are hosted on his regions.

If a rights holder discover a violation of this policy, the Gridmaster [] should be informed immediately. The Gridmaster will take appropriate actions to protect these rights. Until the final clarification of the facts that object must be removed from the region or has to be provided with a "no-copy" attribute.

The liability of the grid operator is excluded.

If the content or design of this site violates third party rights or statutory regulations, we ask for a message, free of charge. The removal of one of these pages with copyright infringement by property rights-holders themselves may not be done without our consent. We guarantee that the complained object will be removed immediately, without the need on your part to involve a lawyer. We will not pay any costs incurred prior to contacting.


All content on this site may be used for non-commercial purposes on other websites, as far as is appropriate passages of text are referenced to the source of the original.

Revocation of SIM order

The buyer has the right to withdraw the SIM order within fourteen days without giving any reasons. The withdrawal period is fourteen days and begins at the date of the SIM order. To inform METROPOLIS about the revocation, a formless statement has to be send to METROPOLIS by post mail, fax or email using this contact datas:

Metropolis Metaversum
Mathias Jacob
Am Katzenlochbach 4
53125 Bonn

Telephone: +49 (0) 228 – 92984682
Telefax: +49 (0) 228 – 92984589

E-Mail: mjacob [@]

If the SIM order is revoked, METROPOLIS has to pay back all paiments made by the SIM purchaser within fourteen days beginning with the first day of notification about the withdrawal.

Usage of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored by different systems on the hard disk of the user. Most cookies are used to simplify the operation of the websites or to store personal settings. This reason of usage is called 'usability'. These cookies are 'harmless' and will not analyze or send any data to third parties.

On the domain '' only cookies are accepted, which are used in case of 'usability'. Most cookies are set by third party systems or domains: Mediawiki, PHPBB, and Wordpress.

Just one cookie is set by '' directly. With this cookie the settings of the Metropolis-Splashscreen are stored for later use. However, no personal data will be stored. There is also no transfer to third parties.

If you leave '' to a third party website by following a link, '' will not be responsibel for any cookies setted by that website.

If the storage of cookies is generally not desired, this function can be disabled by a setting in the browser settings. Please, use the help function of your browser to get more detailed informations about disabling cookies.

List of all used cookies on '':

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