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Privacy Policy

The operator of this website takes privacy very seriously. When you visit this website no personal data or the usage history will be stored permanently. Furthermore.

Registered Users of the Metropolis-Grid will be registered with the following data in the database:

  • Avatar Name
  • Avatar UUID
  • Password
  • eMail address
  • IP address

Additionaly, the following dats will be stored for self hosted regions:

  • Region Name
  • Region UUID
  • Region Owner
  • Domain address of the OpenSim Installation
  • IP address of the OpenSim Installation
  • Port address of the OpenSim Installation

If Users will take paid services (such as renting a region) from the Metropolis-Grid, the following additional data will be stored:

  • Real name of the invoice recipient
  • Invoice address of the invoice recipient
  • Invoice details

Otherwise, no other personal data will be stored. The Users of the Metropolis-Grid can request the deletion of their personal data at any time. The Metropolis Grid will never give or sell personal datas of their users to others!

The Metropolis Software use assets (textures, animations, objects, scripts, etc.) which are stored centrally on an asset server. Metropolis only holds the servers for data storage, but holds no rights to these assets. This assets are the propperty of each user. Furthermore, the Metropolis-Grid cannot give any assurance that these assets are not used by unauthorized third parties.

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