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Terms Of Service (TOS)

The Grid services at the Metropolis Grid are offered free of any charge.

With registration on this grid each resident declares that no illegal objects and/or textures will be offered on self-hosted regions or regions hosted by METROPOLIS. The use of so-called Copybot viewers is prohibited.

With registration on this grid each resident declares that he/she is an adult, so at least 18 years of age. The administration of this grid will not be responsible for wrong statements of the users and explicitely reserves to right to cancel services.

Texts that advocate or glorify violence and pornographic RL photos and images as textures or otherwise are not permitted on any region on this grid. Circulation and dissemination of links to relevant websites containing above content is forbidden.

In regions that are classified as "adult" and that show lawful adult content (within the meaning of the Second Life definition that is immediately apparent after landing on the region to unsuspecting visitors, an access list to manage visitors should be used in the region. It should be noted that at least one administrator has to be able to access that region. Regions that are classified as "adult" but do not show the designated content visibly can dispense with such an access list.

In case of doubt the administration will make a decision on a case by case basis under German law.

Furthermore it is forbidden to offer services for extra costs on regions, which are given by Metropolis for free as a Sponsorship or for Testing. Furthermore, it is not allowed to offer currency services, like payment or exchange, on such regions.

In this context it is expressly stated by the Metropolis-Grid, that the EU directive for the treatment of payment systems in virtual worlds will be extensively observed. This includes the integration of national supervisory authorities (Bank Supervision in D, A and CH).

Land rent by the people is generally permitted. The promotion of such offerings must be made in a moderate frame and should not bother other Citizens. Commercial landlords, who connect regions of their customers to the METROPOLIS-Grid, have to carry an imprint with charge-efficient address on their website. Otherwise, the connection of these regions to the METROPOLIS-Grid is strictly prohibited.

It is forbidden to place promotions at the mainlands (including Sandbox) for third party rental or other services.

It is forbidden to place self-reproducing objects at the Mainlands (including Sandboxes) with the intent to make the region inoperable.

It is forbidden to place spy- or counter-scripts at the Mainlands (including Sandboxes).

If a registered user or Hypergrid user fails to report infringement (e.g. Copyright) to the grid administrator, intentionally or by negligence, said user shall be expressly liable for any resulting damage and claims.

The Grid-Operator reserves the right to exclude or ban Citizens which violated these terms. In case of continued non-compliance the Grid-Operator will take further sanctions and legal action.

Every User, who wants to rezz in Sandboxes, who wants to rezz in the DUNE-regions and who wants to connect self hosted regions to the grid has to verify his Avatar by a one-time payment of a symbolic Euro (1 Euro) via PayPal.

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