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All objects and assets that a user has created in the context of using the Grid Services are the property of this user. The Grid Operator has no rights to those objects and assets.

Each user of the Metropolis-Grid is committed to protect the copyrights of others. He has the responsibility to ensure that no recognizable illegally copied objects are hosted on his regions.

If a rights holder discover a violation of this policy, the Gridmaster [] should be informed immediately. The Gridmaster will take appropriate actions to protect these rights. Until the final clarification of the facts that object must be removed from the region or has to be provided with a "no-copy" attribute.

The liability of the grid operator is excluded.

If the content or design of this site violates third party rights or statutory regulations, we ask for a message, free of charge. The removal of one of these pages with copyright infringement by property rights-holders themselves may not be done without our consent. We guarantee that the complained object will be removed immediately, without the need on your part to involve a lawyer. We will not pay any costs incurred prior to contacting.

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