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What is DUNE?

DUNE is a joint project of 3DGrid and the METRO. The goal of this project is to make OpenSim more known and therefore strengthen the hypergrid as a whole.

For this purpose more than 100 standard regions will be provided as 4x4 var-regions sandboxes.

The choice to use 4x4 var-regions for this "free continent" has been a deliberate one, to also be able to provide a testing area for mobile means of transport (cars, trains, etc.).

Please, keep in mind, that you use a current version of a Second Generation Viewer like Singularity or Firestorm. With older Viewers it's not possible to access VarRegions.

What is different to a normal sandbox?

Other than at a "normal" sandbox there is no 24 hours autoreturn of the rezzed objects. Thus, the users of DUNE can work at bigger building projects for longer periods. Nevertheless various possibilities are currently tested to ensure a fair distribution of the existing free resources among all users.

What restrictions are there?

Generally there are no restrictions to using DUNE. But as with all other regions METRO's TOS apply. It is assumed that all users will respect each other and help each other accordingly.

What does using DUNE cost?

The use is free of charge for an unlimited time. To get the permission to build on the DUNE-regions you have to verify your avatar first with a one-time payment of a symbolic 1 Euro via PayPal. To verify your Avatar click here.

Who can use DUNE?

All interested users of the hypergrid, without any restrictions regarding grid or regions. No METRO account or any special registration is necessary. Only known griefers are excluded from usage. Possible declared "bans on entering" apply. The sponsors reserve the right to cut capacities as required. You can contact the estate manager Neovo Geesink, the DUNE supporters or the METRO admins with any questions or even differences of opinion / disputs.

Where do I find DUNE?

The continent of DUNE is located on the METRO grid near the coordinates 7200:7200.

Teleport to DUNE-1 (4x4 VarRegion / time of day "Morning"):

Teleport from outside METRO:
METRO-internal Teleport:

Teleport to DUNE-2 (4x4 VarRegion / time of day "Midday"):

Teleport from outside METRO:
METRO-internal Teleport:

Teleport to DUNE-3 (4x4 VarRegion / time of day "Evening"):

Teleport from outside METRO:
METRO-internal Teleport:

Teleport to DUNE-4 (4x4 VarRegion / time of day "Midday"):

Teleport from outside METRO:
METRO-internal Teleport:

Teleport to DUNE-Water (4x4 VarRegion / Water-Region):

Teleport from outside METRO:
METRO-internal Teleport:

Legal claim, guarantee and warranty

The sponsors of the DUNE project endeavour to provide access to the DUNE project for all users. However there is no legal claim to these services offered. Furthermore there can be no guarantee / warranty for completeness and / or accuracy of the keeping of data.

The sponsors of the DUNE project are however keen on providing a maximum of security. Thus, the same security standards that apply to the METRO regions are also applied to the DUNE regions regarding daily backups and ongoing database mirroring.


You still have questions? Then we are looking forward to you writing to us at:

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