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OpenSimulator - Metropolis Edition

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OpenSim 0.9.1

- OpenSim Kons.
- Metropolis Team

OpenSimulator software for operating your own locally hosted simulator. The zip file contains all the necessary binaries and sources.

It is the latest stable version of OS, which was released for Metropolis and is preset for connection to the Metropolis-Grid.

In this version, some features have been implemented, which are not part of the standard release. This includes, for example connecting hosts with dynamic IP address (without dynDNS), improvements for oversea connections, etc.

Router/FW-ports: Port 80 and own simulator and region ports

Opensim 0.9.1 minimum system requirements:
Windows .NET Framework 4.6
Linux MONO >=5.12

Download-Format: ZIP
Version-Info: metropolis-os_091_DEV_PLUS [020]
Recommendation: Use new config files. Do not copy the old ones.
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Viewer Software

Firestorm-Viewer [recommended]


- Windows/Linux

Phoenix Team

3rd generation viewer with mesh support

Configuration: Edit --> Preferences--> Advanced --> check "Allow Logon to Other Grids" --> use as LoginURI without http

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Cool VL Viewer


- Windows/Linux

Henri Beauchamp

Viewer of the first generation that is still being actively developed. A special feature of this viewer is the ability to display mesh objects. In the Linux version mesh objects can already be uploaded. The viewer is compatible with the Second Life TPV.

How to login:
Metropolis is already in the gridlist. You just have to choose:

The Viewer is preconfigured for OpenSim use. Additional fine tuning is not needed.

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Imprudence Viewer


- Windows
- Linux
- Linux 64Bit
- Mac-OSX-Intel

Imprudence Team

The Imprudence-Viewer (Version 1.4 beta2) has all features from the Hippo-Viewer and additional features like Media-on-a-Prim, Notecard-AO etc. The system requirements are higher than the Hippo-viewers.

How to add Metropolis to the gridlist:

  • Edit --> Preferences --> GridManager
  • "New Grid" --> enter grid name Metropolis --> enter login-URI --> "Get Grid Info" --> OK

Settings to improve the OpenSim compatibility:

  • Edit --> Preferences --> Network: check "use HTTP Texture Fetching"
  • Edit --> Preferences --> Network --> Maximum Bandwidth 750 kbps

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Radegast Metaverse Client


- Windows
- Linux

Radegast Team

GUI-Client for OpenSim und Second Life. Provides a lot of features without direct 3D output. This viewer has accessibility improvements for blind and visually impaired Metropolis users.

Features: Text-To-Speech for reading out loud incoming messages, Speech recognition for controlling UI and entering text in chat, implemented ALICE chatbot

Metropolis Configuration:
Location: *CenterWorld*
Grid: Custom
Login URI:
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Hippo OpenSim Viewer - Metropolis Edition


Download: Windows

Metropolis Team

Special preconfigured viewer with low system requirements. Recommended for beginners to access the virtual world of Metropolis. Supports OpenSim features: Building up to 10.000 feet, prims with dimensions up to 256 x 256 x 256 meters, transparency to 100%, gridmanager etc.

Features of the Metropolis-Edition:
- Preconfigured for easy access to Metropolis
- Default Imprudence Skin
- Language english and german
- Support for the latest graphics cards
- Windows XP, Vista, Win7
- New menu "Reload Avatar"

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Other Viewers

Name Maintainer Description URL
Astra Viewer Fly Man This is a viewer originated by forking from old Imprudence 1.3 for Aurorasim. The newest version is forked from older singularity, so is still a V1 based viewer "with mesh support".It supports *all* opensim build functions, has builtin AO, mesh upload and render, and is fast. Download
Teapot Viewer Armin Weatherwax A Viewerproject from Armin Weatherwax. Download
Singularity Viewer Siana Gearz First Generation Viewer. Like Imprudence and Cool VL this viewer offers good OpenSim compatibility. Features mesh-view, LightShare, multiple attachments etc. (Note the Imprudence tutorial above.) Download
realXtend Tundra Konsortium Alternative VR-Viewer with a lot of features. Among other programs like FaceGen are supported. This viewer is Opensim compatible. Download

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Terrains, Textures, Freebies & Co.

Name Maintainer Description URL
OpenSim Creations Vanish/TGIB A collection of many Creative Commons OpenSim freebies. Download
Metropolis Standard-Island Metropolis Shaped terrain RAW format (1x1 format) with banks and molded flat landscape. Download
Landscape with Rivers Albrecht Boucher Shaped terrain RAW format (1x1 format) with river and mountainous scenery. Download
Harbour Albrecht Boucher Shaped terrain RAW format (1x1 format) and Harbour. Download

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Name Maintainer Description URL
MetroTools 1.0 Metropolis A set of tools for Grid administrators and Grid users. Currently, we provide a php-based Coordinate Grid Matrix (BSD-licensed) for free use. More tools to follow. The Metro Tools are being adapted and will soon be here again for download!
Blender 3D Blender Foundation Open-Source-Tool zur Erstellung von 3D-Content Download
GIMP The GIMP Team Professional Open-Source-Tool for texture processing Download
SculptyPaint Elou de Kok Simple but powerful Java tool (open source) for creating your own, shaped prims (sculpties). Linux and Windows versions available.. Download
Ivy-Generator University of Constance Simulation of the growth of plants, where each "growing stage" creates snapshots of the plants, from which photo-realistic 3D views can be generated. The result can be imported into VR worlds like Open Simulator. Download

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