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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metropolis and what is

Metropolis is an open VR-Grid, similar to SecondLife. The server, on which Metropolis is hosted, are part of the (Hypergrid-Project). The Hypergrid-Project consists of several projects (like Metropolis). Except for Metropolis, these projects are not freely accessible.

Who does what on a voluntary basis in METROPOLIS?

Lena Vanilli (Admin, OpenSim Dev, Forum) (Email)
Sheera Khan (Admin, Inworld-Support) (Email)
Uncle CM (Serveradmin) (Email)
Zak Spot (Admin,Forum) (Email)
Wanda Shigella (Events, Education, Culture) (Email)
Engineering (Email)

METROPOLIS Supporter Team
Sheera Khan (Email)
Neovo Geesink (Email)
Eryn Galen (Email)
Shelenn Ayres (Email)

What is OpenSim?

OpenSim (or Open Simulator) is the system-technical base of Metropolis. All free Grids (eg OSGrid) are based on this software.

What functionality has OpenSim?

OpenSim is still under development and testing stage. Currently, there is no 1.0 release. This means, that the status is to be regarded as experimental. Therefore, it is not possible to give some form of guarantees for the security and stability of the OpenSim software. Each user of Metropolis must be aware that this can lead to partial or total data loss. The functionality of OpenSim is constantly expanded and aligned with the standard SL. On the OpenSim project page the development of the software can be tracked.

What does Metropolis?

In general Metropolis only use official releases. But sometimes also trunk versions, if its neccessary for some reasons. The updates are performed regularely.

Who is the owner of Metropolis?

Metropolis is hosted on the servers of the In this case, Metropolis has more to do with ideal values​​. For the future it is planned to attract other sponsors, to enlarge the financial basis for Grid-expansion and ongoing independence. This is explicitly welcomed by the current operators. The target: The administration of Metropolis will be handed over to a future democratically oriented user community.

Why is Metropolis free of any charge?

The current operator of Metropolis are participating from the knowledge which is gained in the project. The Citizens of Metropolis are also testers for them. So its fiar enough, that the services are free of any charge.

Is Metropolis safe?

Unfortunately not 100%. As OpenSim is still in the development phase, we can not guarantee anything. Nevertheless, we have implemented some software functions to increase the systems security. Furthermore, we make backups of the hosted regions: daily, weekly and monthly.

How to support Metropolis?

We are always looking for interested people who like to support us. There is always something to do: in the forum, wiki, or even inworld. [mailto: Just give us a note!] We love to hearing from you!


Who is the owner of the regions/SIM?

Metropolis supports two types of SIM Hosting: locally hosted SIMs and SIMs hosted on Metropolis-servers (Mainlands). Please read the Wiki on how to gain your own region.

Who can build something on my regions?

The owner of the region has the 'License to Build', and also all those for whom he assigns the building rights. This applies to both local and Metropolis-hosted regions.

Which rights do I have on a region rented from Metropolis?

You have all rights, including terraforming etc.

Who cleans the regions from rubbish?

Everyone is responsible for cleaning up his own regions and also the sandbox regarding the self-produced objects.


Is there a Forum on Metropolis?

Yes, it is. You will find it here.

Where can I get Support?

The first address should allways be the Forum. Many problems are discussed there. If you are missing some themes there, you can contact the Gridmaster for further assistance.

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