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The Metropolis-Grid

Metropolis is a free OpenSim based virtual worlds network which is based on the BSD-licensed Open Simulator Project . The current functionality is almost complete compared with the available functions in Second Life. In addition, Open Simulator offers additional functions, which are not included in the standard of Second Life. These include, for example, the mega-regions (multiple regions combined to one giant region), the hyper-jumping in Hypergrid (Teleporting between OpenSim grids) and the rezzing of oversized prims (up to 256 mtr.), as well as building up to 10,000 meters.

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The server concept of Metropolis provides an open simulator network (Grid), in which the individual Simulators (SIMs, local OpenSim installations) can connect to the central grid server. Technically, an OpenSim grid consists of a variety of individual, distributed OpenSim installations.

Metropolis also hosts its own SIMs, including the region of "CenterWorld" as the central meeting point and touchdown in the Metropolis-Grid. A part of these regions is also offered as rental regions at an attractive price of € 29.00 per month. However, the combination of the Metropolis-Mainland and locally hosted regions creates a cluster of interconnected virtual worlds. The avatar can move freely through these distributed worlds, as if they were installed on one single computer.

Furthermore, the avatar can teleport not only between worlds connected to Metropolis. The visit of other foreign GRIDs (such as Germangrid, Craftworld, Francogrid, etc.) via HyperGrid is also possible. This is the so-called "hyperjump", a big difference to SecondLife. The Avatar will keep his complete inventory on his journey and he is also able to collect items (freebies) from the foreign Grid.

  • There are more information about the simulator installation and grid connection here.
  • Informations about the rent of Metropolis-Regions can be found here.
  • More informations about the Hypergrid (Teleporting between grids) could be found here.

Objective of the Metropolis-Project

The Metropolis-Grid offers free services, like the OSGrid. The Grid-Services are provided by the Metropolis operators, free of charge. Any interested user is invited to test the capabilities of the Metropolis-Grid and to participate in the development of OpenSim and the Grid.

The aim of this project is to spread and deepen the knowledge and the development of useful applications in the area of ​​open VR worlds. Metropolis was designed primarily for German-speaking users. But the Grid is open for all languages and nationalities.

Several non-profit projects in education and research are established or under construction. For more information about this projects ask the [mailto: Gridmaster].

Status Metropolis-Grid

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