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The HyperGrid

In addition to the "local" Grid functionalities it is possible, to connect other OpenSim-Grids (such as OSGrid, Metropolis, FrancoGrid CyberLandia etc.) or also local hosted Simulators via Gateway. This functionality is calles Hypergrid. Over the Hypergrid it is possible to visit Regions on foreign Grids via a direct Teleporting (HyperJump).


With teleportation in a remote GRID a HyperJump is performed, which will teleport the Avatar away to the foreign Grid. To return to the Metropolis-Grid just press the key-combination "Ctrl-shift-h". This will only work if a home address has been given.

After teleporting, the Avatar can get around in the remote Grid and can fly there from Region to Region. If you call the world-map in the viewer, the world-map of the foreign Grid will be presented. It is also possible to teleport from this connected Grid into another remote Grid; using the same functionality.

From OS-Release 0.7.3 on it's posiible to communicate with Friends, even if they are visiting a foreign Grid.

The HyperGate

A very useful tool (with the look of the well-known StarGate), is the HyperGate. With the HyperGate it is possible, to teleport from the local OpenSim installation or from a home grid to any other remote area; also on foreign Grids. On the homepage of everyone can place new Hypergrid destinations, which are then accessible for HyperJumping. Furthermore, you will find more detailed information on installing and using the HyperGate there.

Problems, Bugs and Restrictions

Due to a software restriction in OpenSim, the distance between the calling Grid and the Destination should not have more difference than 4.096 points on the X and Y axis. With a higher difference, the prims and the terrain of the foreign Grid are not displayed correctly (everything is gray). Furthermore, all avatars are not shown; as well as the own avatar. If you will fly to another Region on this Grid, the prims and the terrain will be displayed correctly.

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