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APP's and mobile Functions

Some functions in the Metropolis-Grid are optimized for use on mobile devices, like iPhones and SmartPhones. Currently the following functions for smart phones are supported:

  • Grid Status / Online User
  • News / the Metropolis News
  • Forum / the Metropolis Forum

Grid Status / Online User

The Grid Status is an HTML link to an optimized version for mobile devices. To show the status indicator on the Smartphone, please use the following application link:

The status display shows all the currently logged in user of the Metropolis Grid. It shows also all hyper-jumper (shown in yellow) and connected NPC (shown in orange) again. The tool automatically updates the display every 120 seconds.

News / the Metro News

This tool shows the News of the Metropolis-Grid in an optimized version for smart phones. To show the Metro News on the SmartPhone, please use the following application link:

Forum / the Metropolis Forum

You can view and answer Forum postings on an iPhone or Smartphone (Android). The Metropolis Team recommends the APP from Tapatalk(https://www.tapatalk.dom). You can purchase this APP for a one-time payment of about $ 3,- .

The APP can be obtained from the client's website as a download. The corresponding installation instructions are also located on the supplier website. Once installed, the Metropolis Forum are selected from the list of published forum.

Icons for your Desktop

Below is a small collections of icons for use on the mobile phone:

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