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NAT-Loopback Tutorial for Windows 7

If your guests are able to connect to your home pc sim, but you as an owner can not connect. Your router has no NAT Loopback function. This tutorial can help.

Microsoft Loopback Adapter Installation

1. Click the "Start" menu
2. Search for "cmd"
3. Right Click on "cmd.exe" and select "Run As Administrator"
4. Type "hdwwiz.exe" (without the quotes)
5. Click "Next" on the "Add hardware Wizard"
6. Choose "Install the hardware that I manually select from a list"
7. Choose "Network Adapters" from the list
8. Choose "Microsoft" under "Manufacturer" and "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" under "Network Adapter"
9. Click "Next", install the Loopback Adapter

(How to install on Windows XP)

Configuring the Microsoft Loopback Adapter

1. In the "Start" menu, search for "Network and Sharing Center"
2. Open Network and Sharing Center
3. To the left of the window that appears, click "Change adapter settings"
4. Right Click on the Loopback adapter
5. Click on "Rename" in the context menu
6. Rename the adapter to "NAT Loopback" (without the quotes)

NAT Loopback Tool

1. Download the NAT_Loopback Tool and unpack it to a folder you would like the tool to reside.
2. Run the file "NAT_Loopback_Tool.bat" with Administrator rights (right click, select "Run as Administrator")
3. You can re-check the Loopback adapter settings/preferences (-> right click on the Adapter in "Network and Sharing Center", choose "Properties", then go to the "Internet protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" entry, doubleclick it and compare the entries with your external IP.
4. Your OpenSim server on your home PC for others as well as for you is ready to connect.

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