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Download and Install OpenSim

The connection of an external simulator to the Metropolis-Grid requires adjustments in various INI files. The following link points to the latest Metropolis version of OpenSim. This version is "ready to run" and will be delivered in a ZIP compressed format.

Download OpenSim-Release / Metropolis-Edition

On Linux the Simulator could be downloaded via the linux-function "wget". To download the Simulator enter the following at the console:

wget[latest_version].zip --content-disposition

To install the software, create a new directory (for example opensim and unzip the ZIP file into this directory. Afterwards you will get a sub-directory with the name bin . In this directory you will find all the OpenSim software.

Installation on the Windows platform

Go with the Explorer into your '.\opensim\bin' directory and click with the right mouse button on the program OpenSim.exe. Choose 'Create Shortcut' from the menu. This will create a link to the OpenSim program. Drag this shortcut to your desktop, so you can start the Opensim from your desktop.

ATTENTION with 64-bit Windows-Version (eg. Windows 7 or Windows
Server 2008)!

If there are problems with the region connection, change the
firewall settings for debugging purposes: Click Start, click Control
Panel, click System and Security, click Windows Firewall, click
Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall, add
Opensim.exe, ports = any ports)

Next Step: Configuration of OpenSim

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