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First Steps

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Configuration of OpenSim

Database selection

The configuration files of OpenSim are already optimized for the connection of your SIM to the Metropolis grid. The general settings of the simulator are stored in the file ./opensim/bin/OpenSim.ini. Basically, these settings must not be changed.

In another INI file, the ./opensim/bin/config-include/GridCommon.ini , the URI of the grid services and the access data for the local database are stored. The data regarding the Grid servers should not be changed!

If necessary, the desired database system could be changed. By default SQLite database is stored as the cdefault database in the file GridCommon.ini . If SQLite is to be used, you don't have to change something in the file GridCommon.ini.

When using MySQL as your database system, the first two rows in the GridCommon.ini (regarding SQLite) should be marked as a comment with a leading semicolon. Subsequently, the leading semi-colon at the three lines regarding the MySQL database should be deleted in order to activate these lines. Finally, the details for user, password and database name must be changed to your MySQL settings.

The configuration for the OpenSim with MySQL could then look like this:

; *************************************************************************
; *************************************************************************
; *******      Parameter zur Auswahl des Datenbanksystems           *******
; *******   Parameters for the selection of the database system     *******
; *************************************************************************
; *************************************************************************
; *** SQLite                                                        *******
; *************************************************************************
; *** SQLite ist aktiviert. Zum deaktivieren ein ; vor die Zeile setzen.***
; *************************************************************************
; *** SQLite is activated. To deactivate set a ; in front of the line. ****
; *************************************************************************

    Include-Storage = "config-include/storage/SQLiteStandalone.ini";

; *************************************************************************
; *** MySql                                                         *******
; *************************************************************************
; *** Wenn MySql benutzt wird, muss SQLite deaktiviert werden.      *******
; *** Setze das ; bei SQLite und enferne beide ; im folgenden Block.*******
; *************************************************************************
; *** If MySql is used SQLite must be disabled. Set the ; in the    *******
; *** SQLite Block and remove both ; from the next two lines.       *******
; *************************************************************************
    ;StorageProvider = "OpenSim.Data.MySQL.dll"
    ;ConnectionString = "Data Source=localhost;Database=Opensim;User ID=Opensim
    ;Password=****;Old Guids=true;"

; *************************************************************************

Please be sure to choose SQLite or MySql as your database system. Not both of them!

Create region files

Now we're almost done with our OpenSim installation! :) Finaly we have to describe our regions. We remember: with one OpenSim Installation (SIM) we can run several regions. The total of the areas to be hosted solely depends on the speed of your computer and the size of main memory.

The config file for your regions is called Regions.ini and is located in the directory ./opensim/bin/Regions . If this config file doesn't exist at the first start of the SIM, the file will be automatically created in this directory. The necessary information are then asked at the OpenSim console.

But we want to prepare this config file before the first start of the SIM.

Now open the file ./opensim/bin/Regions/Regions.ini with an editor. Copy and paste the following text as a template to your new Regions.ini:

 ;RegionUUID = "remove-semicolon-paste-your-UUID-here-at-start"
 Location = "70xx,69xx" ; use free coordinates from the worldmap
 InternalAddress = ""
 InternalPort = 9051
 AllowAlternatePorts = False
 ExternalHostName = "SYSTEMIP"

This entry now represents our first region. To add another region, paste this entry again into the file behind the first region.

We now make the necessary changes to the first region:

  • [My_new_World] = please change this to the name of your new world/region. Please note, that spaces should be replaced with "_"!
  • RegionUUID = this Value comes from OpenSim
  • Location = the X/Y-Coordinates as you have choosen from the Grid Matrix
  • InternalAddress = don't change this value
  • InternalPort = each region must be dedicated to a unique port. We recommend to choose 9051 for the first region. Each other region should have a port number plus 1, like: 9052, 9053, 905n. If your SIM runs on a Home Server, this port numbers must be the same that you have entered at the router setup for port forwarding.
  • AllowAlternatePorts = don't change this value
  • ExternalHostName = If you run the SIM on a Home Server, please give the dynDNS-domain (without https://) or your dedicated IP address (Standard, if you have a rented server). If you use the Metropolis-Edition of Opensim (Standard when downloading from Metropolis), you just have to enter the word "SYSTEMIP". The Software will get the dynamic IP address automaticly.

If you want to host more regions on your SIM, please repeat the above procedure with an additional entry in the INI file. Of course, it should be different regarding the port, the region name and coordinates.

Next Step: Starting the Simulator

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