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Starting the Simulator

Now we should be ready to run our Simulator the first time!

Simply click on the OpenSim-Icon. A console window will be opened. At first, all components of OpenSim will be loaded. Please, don't close this window, until you want your SIM to shutdown.

Under Linux we have an elegant function to permanently check the SIM, if it's running or not. In case of a Crash the SIM will be restarted automatically. We use the Linux-tool screen for that. If it's not already installed, you can get it via YaST, apt-get or zypper (depending on your Linux-system).

while :
cd /{path to your bin-directory, ie. /opt/opensim/bin}
running=`ps ax|grep OpenSim.exe|grep -v grep`
if [ -z "$running" ]; then
       # The Log Entry
       TIME="OpenSim Down, Restarting: `date +"%A, %B %d - %r"`"
       echo $TIME >>/{path to your bin-directory}/os.log
       cd /{path to your bin-directory, ie. /opt/opensim/bin}
       screen -fa -S OS -d -U -m mono OpenSim.exe -gui=true
       sleep 120

Copy this script and paste it to a file, for instance '/usr/bin/'. Afterwards, make the file executable with 'chmod +x'. This Shell-Script will be invoked with the command line './ > /dev/null 2>&1 &'. The script will be loaded in the background and will envoke / check the OpenSim.

With this script the simulator is loaded in a virtual session. This session runs continuously in the background. In order to bring this session back to the screen, you have to enter 'screen -r OS' at the console prompt. In order to send this session back to the background again, hold the CTRL key and press "a" and "d" at the same time. Then the session will "disappear" again to the background.

The simulator will be checked every 2 minutes and restarted if necessary. Crashes will be logged to the file 'os.log' , which is located in the bin directory.

The first Start

When a region starts the very first time, the system will be asking you to enter an estate-name, to which this region should belong. An Estate is a group of regions that belong to a particular owner. Each region must be assigned to an estate.

If you run the SIM for the very first time, the start-up will stop until the Estate has been assigned. So please check the console if the system halted. In this case, please enter the necessary data. Otherwise, the system will not go further.

First you're asked if you want to assign this region to an existing estate. At the very first time the answer is pre-set to "no", because there is no estate at this time. Next, you have to enter the estate-name, the Avatar details (for the owner of the estate) and the password. The first estate is stored.

For the other regions you can choose the same estate (answering "Yes" to the first question) or you can store another estate (answering "No"). If "Yes" was chosen, the system will just ask you to enter the estate-name since in that case all other data has already been stored.

The system will only query about assigning an Estate one time: On first start-up of a region or on first start-up of the simulator.

Well, now start your viewer and connect to your SIM. Wow, your own world is running and waiting for new adventures!

The first thing that you would notice: Your world is shaped like a little island in a vast ocean by default. To get a flat terrain for building, just enter the following commands at the console prompt:

change region region_name (if you have more than 1 region)
terrain fill 21

You will get a flat terrain at the height of 21 meters, just above the default waterline.


You did it! Your new simulator should be ready now. We wish you a great time on the Metropolis-Grid and when building on your regions!

Please have a look at the region Freebies. There tons of Freebies (licensed under Creative Commons) are waiting for you! Choose what you want and copy it to your Inventory. If you have any questions or problems, please have a look in our Wiki at Documentations, visit our Forum and describe your question/problem or press the Support button at the region *CenterWorld* and get information from a support person inworld.

We look forward to seeing you at the Metropolis-Grid!


One of the most common problems is that visitors can access the region, but the owner cannot. You can find a tutorial here. Try finding your problem running your SIM in our Forum, because it is likely that others had the same problem already. Any Questions left? Please contact the GridMaster.

Shutdown and Closing Down of the Simulator

If you close the simulator the coordinates of your region will remain reserved. Even if the region is not online. To delete the reservation of your region-coordinates you can use the RegionManagement.

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