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Parliament - Rules of Conduct

The Metropolis Parliament arose from the idea to organise Metropolis Metaverse in a democratic, free and independent way. This means that the Metropolis admins do not have a unique position, but merely organise the rough technical framework for the grid and leave crucial decisions to the Metropolis members - that is, the Metropolis community - if possible. The Parliament also aims to strengthen the responsibility of the members themselves for the community and to contribute to the active development of the community in different ways.

The Metropolis Parliament is from members of Metropolis for Metropolis members.

Course of a parliament session

A topic to be discussed is always important when it moves a member of Metropolis and has a lasting influence on the Metropolis community. Likewise topics are welcome that lead to discussion of new ideas or the development of new projects.

Why a Metropolis Parliament?

The Metropolis Parliament offers:

  • A space to present own ideas or concrete projects with regard to the further development of relations within and outside the Metropolis community.
  • Active options of self-design for each Metropolis member by presentation and initiation of projects.
  • A space to form new project groups.
  • Room for discussions of problem situations with concrete proposals for solutions.

Who is the Metropolis Parliament?

  • Every active Metropolis member has the opportunity to attend sessions and may also play an active role by holding short lectures.
  • Each Metropolis member receives the right of discussion and presentation from the first day of membership at Metropolis.
  • Each Metropolis member receives the right to vote after 12 months Metropolis membership.

How does the Metropolis Parliament work?


  • The members of the Metropolis Parliament are reassembled anew at each session, depending on the time, needs and interests of the Metropolis members.
  • The session of Parliament will be moderated by a Metropolis Admin.
  • A session consists of an introduction by the moderator, a lecture part with discussion, formed by the Metropolis members, and a vote.
  • After each lecture a discussion (max. 30 min) and then a vote take place.
  • The time frame per session is approximately 2 hours, with obligation for neither attendance nor discussion.

How are the requests to speak organised?

  • The language is determined by the majority of the members present. In favour of the use of translators all lectures are in writing only.
  • Requests to speak are organised by the vote machine. Each member has a speak request button at his place. If this is activated, his request to speak is announced in public chat. The sequence of speakers is processed chronologically in order and organised by the moderation of an admin.
  • It is essential: That each member must be allowed to finish and will end the post with word END. As long as there is an active speaker, other statements are not desired. Afterwards it is the turn of the next speaker of the discussion.

How can I report my concern as a Metropolis member?

  • A lecture or a concern is announced in writing by email from the Metropolis members to the Metropolis administration with a brief description of the lecture / concern in advance. Please send the registration of the lectures with subject "Parliament" to
  • The lecturer situates his avatar at the front of the lectern at first, so that it will be clear who currently has the floor. A presentation should be prepared before the session and should only be inserted into the chat by copy&paste during the public session.
  • Then the discussion begins. The requests to speak are then processed via the voting machine.
  • The vote takes place after the discussion of the presented topic. The discussion should not be longer than 30 minutes per lecture if possible.

What is the purpose of a vote in Parliament Metropolis?

  • The Metropolis members decide jointly in accordance with the absolute (simple) majority vote of the electors present which way Metropolis Metaverse will follow regarding the respective discussed topic in the future. The community generates new ideas through discussion and is jointly treading new ground and is pointing the way for the Metropolis community.
  • Following a vote, the result is binding and will be implemented for at least 3 months. If, after the expiry of 3 months, a need for change arises, a topic can then be re-presented and viewed / edited under new circumstances.

When does the Metropolis Parliament?

  • The Parliament is independent of time and always meets as needed.
  • The submitted topics are collected by the Metropolis administration. If there are sufficient or particularly urgent topics a parliamentary session is convened.
  • The results will be published in the forum under the category "Parliament".

What else is there to say?

  • The Metro admins were trying to regulate as little as possible when preparing these parliamentary rules and to keep the specifications as simple as possible.
  • Should further regulations be necessary in applying these parliamentary rules in the future, this document is to be adapted accordingly.
  • Any changes to these parliamentary rules can only be decided by the Parliamentary Assembly and implemented by the grid administration after approval.

Latest status: 22/12/13

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