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Reconstruction Pompeii - Construction phase I

Villa dei Misteri (Villa of the Mysteries)

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The first phase is dominated by the Villa dei Misteri (Villa of the Mysteries) which is situated outside the old city walls of Pompeii.

Wikipedia reports the following about the Villa of the Mysteries:

The Villa of the Mysteries is an ancient villa complex which was buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in the year 79 AD. Because of frescoes representing Dionysiac mysteries found in the villa, it is one of the most important sites of classical archeology. The villa is located about 300 meters north of the Porta di Ercolano. From the west the Via Superiore lead to the villa, eastward the road ran toward Oplontis, but it is unknown if a connecting path lead from the road that villa.
. The villa suburbana (meaning villa near the city) was built to a clearly structured axisymmetric plan in the 2nd Century BC, but was later increased several times, changed and extended. After the earthquake of 62 AD the agricultural part of the villa was enlarged.

The paintings show scenes from Greek mythology, classified to the time of the 2nd style, the so-called architectural style in Roman wall painting.

The entire cycle of work of the wall frescoes depicts scenes from the Greek mythology. The real mystery, after which this villa is named, is hidden from the viewer's eye at first and is located in a room. Interpretation of the murals is very difficult. One opinion is that an introductory rite into the mysteries of the Dionysus cult is represented in the pictures . The cult of Dionysus was one of the most famous mystery cults.

Accordingly one also finds Satyrs resp. Sileni and Bacchantes that indicate to the cult of Dionysus as external attributes. The end of this cycle is a Dionysus drinking from a seashell. One of the characters surrounding him is holding a mask over his head, implying the true mystery. Throughout every room of the villa a double meander border at the top of the images can be found. The background of the walls depicting mythological scenes is painted in vermilion colour. Above the double meander border ther is also a strip painted with adornments. Some pictures of the villa also show so-called tromp d'oeil (illusion painting) including architectural elements such as columns, walls and the like as well as views of illusionistic landscapes, exhibiting typical elements of the so-called second Style.

Trompe or illusionistic architecture means architectural elements that can be found in paintings, but cannot occur in real architecture because a real execution is prevented by even structural engineering alone. In painting it is rather a playful use of the architectural elements. A realistic representation of architecture as such is not intended.

The Laconicum (sweating bath) of the villa is vaulted by a small dome whose mantle is made of Roman concrete.

(Source text and pictures: Wikipedia)

Implementation of the reconstruction

The works in construction phase I are executed exclusively by builder Pixel Prim. The reconstruction of construction phace I is still in progress. It is possible to visit the current status of the work any time.

In-world photos of the construction work

Status of contruction Status of contruction Status of contruction Status of contruction Status of contruction Status of contruction Status of contruction Status of contruction

Documentation of construction progress

The responsible builders will provide a building report from time to time which will inform on the progress of work, conclusions, difficulties and information worth knowing about the construction activities.

Below are links to the already published reports of construction phase I:

Rechts.jpg Link to construction report no. 1 dated 01/07/2012
Rechts.jpg Link to construction report no. 2 dates 17/09/2012


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