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Reconstruction of Pompeii

Project Pompeii

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The project Pompeii reconstruction aims to reconstruct the currently known buildings and objects contained within the archaeological sites of Pompeii in a virtual environment (virtual reality) as fully and completely as possible. The result of that work is meant to be accessible to the public free of charge.

The project is based on a private initiative and Metropolis builder Pixel Prim is in charge of proceedings. All participants are volunteers who work without pay.

Background / Context

Pompeii (Latin Pompeii) was an ancient city in Campania on the Gulf of Naples, which perished in the eruption of Vesuvius on August 24th , 79 AD alongside Herculaneum and Stabia.

In its approx. seven hundred year history Pompeii was inhabited and influenced by the Osci (or Oscans), Samnites, Greeks, Etruscans and Romans. In an eruption of Mount Vesuvius the city was buried in 79 AD, largely conserved in the process and forgotten over time.

After its rediscovery in the 18th Century the second story of the city began, during which Pompeii became a central target of archeology and the study of the ancient world. Pompeii, one of the best preserved ruins of an ancient city, became a well known and wdespread term in the modern age.

More information about Pompeii and its excavations can be found on. Wikipedia.

(Source: Wikipedia)

The reconstruction

Pompeii has already been reconstructed in various project utilizing a variety of VR system. The scope of reconstructions as well as the level of detail have so far largely left much to be desired though.

The initiators of this Pompeii project have a reconstruction in mind that it as closely related to actual structural conditions of Pompeii as possible. This would also encompass appropriate portrayal of furnishings, paintings, sculptures and objects of daily life.

For the reconstruction freely available plans, sketches, art, photos and scientific work of archaeologists and architects are accessed and used. Also being considered are animations of skilled manual work like e.g. in a laundry, bakery or spa. Intended is to give a representation of daily life of that era that is as close to reality as possible and can be experienced by visitors. Loop trails and tours supported by bots are to make Pompeii an experience for every visitor.

The completed construction phases will be freely accessible to all interested parties. The concept is designed to make visits to the recreated Pompeii possible for both individuals and groups (e.g. school classes).

The technical basis

The reconstruction is based on VR system OpenSimulator for the the server side. This simulation software enables collaborative work in a team and the shared experience of a virtual world.

Access to the reconstructed Pompeii is done via a special viewer, which will be installed on PC or notebook. With this viewer the visitor is then connected to the virtual world of Pompeii, where he/she can move around freely.

A suitable viewer can be obtained from the Metropolis-Download page. Installation and handling of the viewer is described in detail here.

The builder

The Pompeii project is headed by Metropolis builder Pixel Prim, who up to this point has also carried out all planning, research and construction activities.

The total time required for reconstruction of the entire core urban area known to date is likely to be several years. The progress of work will also mainly depend on the dedication of as many experienced builders as possible.

Hereby we would like to encourage all interested and competent builders to contribute to the Pompeii project - in whatever form. We appreciate any help! Interested persons should please contact the Gridmaster.

The documentation

The overall project is documented throughout in terms of basic research and construction measures. For this there are relevant construction reports to the according construction stages.

The links to the documentation can be found on the pages of the relevant construction stages (see below).

The phases

The overall project has been divided in 16 construction stages. The layout plan shows these stages and their respective status marked in colour. The first grid square in the top left corner of the sketch was selected as the first construction stage. Based on this all further construction phases will be processed in the same manner.

Below is a list of all construction phases and their current production status. Further information about the objects and construction reports can be found on the pages of each construction stage.

No. CP Description CP-Link Teleport Status
Phase I Villa of the Mysteries Documentation Pompeii/127/124/23 in progress
Phase II House of the Surgeon Documentation Pompeii_2/127/124/23 in progress
Phase III open
Phase IV open
Phase V open
Phase VI open
Phase VII open
Phase VIII open
Phase IX open
Phase X open
Phase XI open
Phase XII open
Phase XIII open
Phase XIV open
Phase XV open
Phase XVI open

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