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Your own OpenSimulator in 15 minutes!

You have chosen to install your own simulator (SIM) free of any charge? Congratulations! The first step in your new virtual world is made​​! Before we come now to the guide, we should clarify somewhat conceptual:

We will speak about the SIM or the Simulator . This means both the same! Namely, the physical installation of the OpenSim software on your computer. Regions are the worlds (one or more) hosted on your SIM. The SIM could have multiple regions (worlds) with the measures of 256 * 256 meters. The number of regions depends only on the performance of your computer!

The following step by step tutorial describes the installation of a new SIM and the dedicated regions, connected to the Metropolis-Grid. If you encounter any difficulties during installation, we recommend to visit the Metropolis forum, to learn from the experiences of other residents.

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