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Your own World on the Metropolis-Grid

You have several options to choose, how you want to set up your new Metropolis-world. With free local hosting or to rent a region for unbeatable 29, - € per month:

Free build on 100 regions!

Would you like to test the functionality of the Metropolis-Grid for free? In METRO you can build on about 100 sandbox regions whatever you want. Without any limitation.

The regions are provided by METRO and the 3DGrid under the DUNE project, free of any charge. Unlike "normal" sandbox regions rezzed objects will not be sent back automatically after a certain period of time.

So, the DUNE-Continent is the perfect test scenario for bigger projects.

Monthly Prize:
Setup Fee:
0,00 Euro
1,00 Euro

Rent a Region at Metropolis!

The renting of an own Metropolis region is the unrivaled low-cost alternative to Second Life.

Safety, performance and additional services at an unbeatable price of 29, - € per month (incl VAT). Features: 45,000 Prims, unlimited online avatars. There are no additional costs or setup fees!

Click the button to learn more about this best virtual World hosting offer with the exceptional security concept!

Monthly Prize:
Setup Fee:
29,00 Euro
0,00 Euro

Self-hosted Simulators!

You want to host your new Worlds localy und you want to connect them to the Metropolis-Grid?

You want to use VoiceChat, HyperJumping and Asset-Management? We show you step by step, what you have to do. This kind of virtual Worlds are absolutely free of any charge!

Monthly Prize:
Setup Fee:
1,50 Euro
1,00 Euro

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