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Welcome to Summer of Arts 2012

Summer of Arts 2012 is a virtual art event on the Metropolis-Grid and part of the celebrations for the 4-year anniversary. Showing all varieties of arts to the public: theater projects, audio-visual installations, photography, paintings, live performances and cyberart.

In addition to traditional forms of art representation new CrossOver Projects RL/VL are presented which are forming entirely new forms of art. The SoA-event complements the activities around the cross-grid-project IMAB Biennial, where the projects of Metropolis-residents should be particularly promoted.

The SoA-Expo on the Metropolis-grid will be performed on 4 regions, which are provided to the artists free of any charge. Official opening of the Expo is the August 04th, 2012. The exhibition will be accessible for the public till the end of October 2012; free of charge!

At the end of the event an exhibition catalog will be published, containing informations about the artists and the exhibited artworks. This catalog will be available online; free for everyone.

Depending on audience interest, the SoA-regions could also be made ​​available after the official exhibition period as a permanent exhibition. A decision about this figure will be made ​​during the exhibition period.

Below we give some useful information about the Expo-connected regions which are participating, and (of course) to the exhibiting artists and their exhibition projects.

The virtual Expo

The SoA-Expo is conducted on a total of 4 regions:

To meet the different needs of different forms of art Exhibition Buildings as well as Outdcoor Areas were made available. The Outdoor Areas
Exhibition buildings
are especially for larger objects or for objects that need more free space around them.

For guidance on the SoA-Expo there are special Expo-signs installed on the regions. Furthermore, Informations can be found on the project pages of the respective artists, with links to the exhibition.

To visit the regions a VR-Viewer is required, which can be downloaded free of charge. For details on downloading and installing the viewer please visit this wiki page.

To get to the exhibition, click on the teleport links to the respective artists, or any of the above regions. It opens automatically the VR-Viewer and connects to the respective exhibition.

Enjoy the Exhibition!

Rechts.png Link to the artists and exhibitions

Participation in the SoA-2012

The exhibition is open and free for any artist of any kind of art, who will present own works to a broader audience. This may include 3-D sculptures, audio-visual installations, cyberart, video projects, theater projects, paintings, photographs, etc. The objects will be imported and displayed in a suitable form.

For artists, who are not experienced user in handling virtual worlds, volunteers will do the import and the placement of their works within the exhibition. If this service is desired, please note accordingly when registering for the event.

The Participation in the SoA-event is possible during the entire duration of the exhibition. The Registration for the event is non-bureaucratic, free and informal. An email to the Gridmaster with the subject "Registration to Summer of Arts 2012" is sufficient. The artist will get informations from the Expo management about the further procedure.

Bei dieser Anmeldung sollten noch einige Informationen für das Expo-Management mitgegeben werden. Denn wir erstellen für jeden Künstler eine eigene Projektseite mit Angaben zum Künstler, zu den Ausstellungs-Objekten und (falls gewünscht) mit Links zu weiterführenden Internet-Seiten. Der Künstler kann sich entweder mit seinem tatsächlichen Namen oder mit seinem Avatar-Namen anmelden. Auf der Projektseite kann dann (falls gewünscht) beides ersichtlich sein.

With this registration the artist should give some informations to the Expo management regarding the artist and the artwork. Cause we create a separate project page for each artist, with informations about the artist, the exhibition objects and (if desired) with links to related web pages. The artist can either log on with his real name or his avatar name. On the project page we can place the name of the Avatar, the real name or both.

We look forward to exciting projects!

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