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Sponsoring for Research and Education

The Metropolis-Grid supports educational projects in research and education in the context of virtual worlds. Promotion is open to all institutions that deal with the topic "Virtual Worlds" in the educational research environment (or their implementation).

The promotion includes free use of land zones (regions, worlds), and corresponding web-sites for publication of project activities.

The Metro team (as well as the residents) will assist and advice the project teams. In this case, the infrastructure of the metro grid is fully available.

Educational institutions (universities, colleges, schools) and organizations with appropriate goals can apply for funding. The request is to be sent via email to the Project-Team .

The following informations are required on application:

  • Name of institution
  • Name and title of the applicant
  • Project Description (short)
  • for youth projects: age range of the intended users
  • required land size (number of regions)
  • required web space (for your own project domain)

Provided areas are not subject to any restrictions and can be used indefinitely in compliance with the Terms of use. Projects with children and young people are carried out in a protected area (using a special viewer).

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