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The exhibition Summer of Arts 2015 is over!
Participation in the event is no longer possible!

We look forward to the coming festival Summer of Arts 2018: with exciting events, inspiring projects and great artists!

Missed the Exhibition?

Here are the Highlights!

Welcome to the Arts Event in the Metropolis grid

Summer of Arts 2015 is an arts event which is hosted every third year by the Metropolis grid. This event is a possibility for all Cyber artists to present their works to a broad public. At the Summer of Arts all forms of art are presented - from theater Projects to audio-visual Installation to photographical objects, paintings and Cyberart objects.

These objet d'art will be exhibited by the artists during the summer months in pavillions designed accordingly. While under construction the pavillions will only be accessible by the artists! They should not be disturbed in this creative Phase by an audience. Around the end of summer (September / October) the exhibition will be opened to the public. The Expo will then run until November 2015, accessible to all.

This exhibition will be accompanied by live performances of various musicians and readings in English and German.

The specific dates of the exhibition opening as well as the umbrella events will be announced on the official website of the "Summer of Arts" in due time.

Info for artists: participation at SoA-2015

The exhibition region 2015 has been officially released to the artists at the start of summer on 21st June 2015. Every artist or art-interested person wanting to present their own works to a broad public can participate. For example 3D-sculptures, audio-visual installations, CyberArt, Video Projects, paintings, fotos and much more can be imported and exhibited in a suitable and appropriate form.

Mentors are available to artists that have not yet had experience in virtual worlds, which can help with or take over importing and placing the artist´s work within the Exhibition. Please indicate at Registration if help from a mentor is desired.

Registration to the SoA event is open during the whole summer 2015. Registering for the Event is free and unbureaucratic via the Registration form at the official website of the "Summer of Arts".

We look forward to exciting projects!

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