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MetroTest - The Metropolis TestGrid

Before a new OpenSimulator version is rolled out on the Metropolis maingrid, the latest GIT-versions are tested in this grid. It is open to connect for everyone who want to test the latest experimental OpenSimulator versions. The mainlands and downloadversions are updated every day at 5am CET to the latest GIT version by the automatic testing environment. Because of the automatic testgrid status there is no warranty for assets or that the grid is online at all. It is important to do regular backups here.

For a stable project environment use the Metropolis Metaversum maingrid with triple asset security and guaranteed stability.


Register your avatar for the testgrid Click here
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Login and Router Configuration

Testgrid Splashscreen:
Viewer Login URI for gridinfos:
Startregion HG-Adress:*Metropolis*
Grid conection ports for your firewall entry: 8000-8010 + your region ports
Your HG-Address:


Find tutorials and general discussion in the MetroTest forum Click here

Important Note

This testgrid is for testing purposes only. Please do your region backups on regulary basis. This grid is dedicated to testers and developers of OpenSimulator sourcecode. If you need a stable environment for your project, please use the Metropolis Metaversum maingrid with triple asset security and guaranteed stability.

There is no asset or stability warranty in the MetroTest OpenSimulator grid!

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