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System Requirements


To run a Simulator a well-equipped standard PC would be perfectly adequate. The simulator software itself needs at least 1 GB of main memory for a region. If more regions should be hosted on this installation, additional 1 GB memory is required for each Region.

As the standard database system SQLite will be used. SQLite is a freely available open source software. For the use of SQLite no further installation is required, because the database system is supplied with the OpenSim software. For data management you should reserve 100 MB disk space (depending on the number of the used Prims) for each Region.

You can use the simulator software on a rented V-Server (virtual server), a rented root server, or on a home server. If your Regions should be online 24/7 and the grid coordinates for your Regions should allways been reserved, we recommend renting a V-Server or root server. V-Server are already available today for 10.00 € per month. The operating system is mostly Linux.

The use of a home server (ie. your home computer) is probably the cheapest solution. But, for setting up your home computer for OpenSim, connectivity, a little technical knowledge is needed. But don't worry: below we will try to explain the necessary steps. Even absolute amateurs should do the installation. But as already mentioned, if your region should be permanently available we recommend renting a server.

If you prefer a "no worries" installation with a "ready-to-run" region, we offer regions hosted and maintained by Metropolis to a fixed monthly fee of 29.00 € (fullprim region with 45,000 prims).

For more information on renting a Metropolis-Region follow this LINK.


The speed of data transfer to and from the OpenSim computers are of particular importance. For normal operation, a standard DSL connection is quite sufficient. However, the communication is much more burdened if several avatars will move on your regions at the same time. The rule: the higher the data transfer rate, the better the performance. In case of insufficient band width, it can lagg the system in some cases or even lead to a crash. The breaking point will depend on several factors and should be self-tested by you.


The following requirements apply only to Windows Systems:

For the operation of the simulator software the .NET Framework 4.6 from Microsoft is required. You can check it [Http:// | here] if it's installed or not. as the installed NET installation can be checked is.


The following requirements apply only to Linux Systems:

To operate the simulator software MONO is required, at least version 5.12. To verify, which MONO-Version is installed, type mono -V at the command console. If not present, it can be installed from this LINK. There is also an explanation, on how to install MONO on different Linux systems.

Furthermore, the maximum number of threads should be increased. By default, this value is set to 50, which is much too low. With this setting, only a maximum of 3 avatars could be on your region. The fourth avatar would crash the OpenSim.

The easiest way to increase the thread value is a new entry in the file /etc/ environment . This file should contain the following entry:

# This file is parsed by pam_env module
# Syntax: simple "KEY=VAL" pairs on seperate lines

This value should be set to at least 200, better at 300.

Next Step: Preparing the OpenSim Installation

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