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First Steps

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Accessing the Grid

Step 1: Create an Avatar

To gain access to the Metropolis-Grid, you have to register an Avatar first. The Avatar is your virtual representative in the Metropolis-Grid. When registering, the first and last name of the avatar, the password and the email address must be given. For security reasons and to protect your privacy, this should be an invented name, not your real name. If the new Avatar name is unique and not choosen yet, the system will confirm the registration within 20 seconds. You can login to the Metropolis-Grid immediately.

   Avatar Registration

Step 2: Download the Viewer Software

The connection to the Metropolis-Grid will be established via a special Viewer Software. All this Viewers have the same base, the SecondLife Viewer. But there are many variants of this Viewer. Metropolis recommend the Firestorm-Viewer or the Singularity-Viewer. If you have a Viewer already installed, please skip this section.

Otherwise, download one of the following Viewers by clicking the link. The download may take some time, because the setup program is quite large (over 20MB).

  Download Firestorm-Viewer


  Download other viewers

Start the Viewer after downloading and complete the Setup. Please follow the instructions.

Step 3: Changing the Viewer Settings

Otherwise, start the viewer and press the button "Grids". Under "Select a grid" all known Grids are listed. This Metropolis Grid should also be listed there. If so, select that entry and press the button "Default". The Metropolis-Grid is now your default grid.

If a Metropolis-entry could not be found in the list, please press the button "Add". Afterwards you have to enter the following URI-address in the field "login URI":

Then press the button "Get Grid Info". The settings of the viewer will then be automatically taken from the grid. Furthermore, the setting "platform" has to be set to "OpenSim". Finally, press the button "Default" to make Metropolis your default grid. Done!

Step 4: Using the Viewer

When you start the viewer, the startscreen of Metropolis will be displayed. On this screen you will see the connected regions, the online users, forum blogs and news.

At the bottom of the viewer screen you will find the input fields for your avatar name and password. Please fill in the avatar data as you have given them in the registration process. Finally press the button "Log In". You are done!

Have fun in the Metropolis-Grid!

Instructions and tutorials about movement, animations, building etc. could be found in the section UserDocs.

Terms of Use

There are no obligations in using the Metropolis-Services. Everyone is allowed to use all functions of the Grid. There are no functional limitations, except the following restrictions:

  • It is forbidden, to publish violent, sexistic, harmful, racistic, pornographic or any other illegal content and links (in which form ever).
  • Respect the work and the privacy of other users.
  • It is forbidden to place commercial advertising to public places on the Grid.
  • The commercial use of the functionality of the Metropolis-Grid (in what form ever) is forbidden.

Any violation of our terms of use will result in immediate exclusion from the Grid and may cause further actions.

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